The fishery regulations are in place to safeguard the welfare of the fish and their natural habitat. We strive to ensure that water quality and fish health are of the highest order.

This philosophy extends to the quality of the environment around the lakes; the pathways, the woodland and bank side vegetation.

Please assist us to maintain these high standards by abiding by the following regulations.

  • Absolutely no litter or line to be discarded
  • No Carp Sacks allowed on the site
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Two rods maximum
  • Each angler must have a landing net
  • No lure fishing
  • No live or dead baiting
  • No bait boats or similar
  • No use of fixed "method" or fixed bolt rigs
  • No walking with rods, one swim per angler
  • Do not use hook lengths of same strength as or heavier than main line.
  • No sweetcorn/luncheon meat type tins or glass bottles on the bank
  • No nuts, beans, chickpeas or seed mixes
  • Do not leave baited rods unattended
  • Do not handle fish with a cloth, either wet or dry
  • Do not carry fish between swims in any circumstances
  • No radios without headphones
  • No dogs unless guide dogs
  • Use an unhooking mat at all times
  • All fish must be returned, alive, to the water at point of capture
  • Juniors, 16 and under, not allowed unaccompanied except by arrangement
  • Any angler found using the grounds as a toilet will be asked to leave immediately
  • BBQ’s within designated area only. To dispose of coals once cool to touch
  • Limited quantities of alcohol. Members to be sensible
  • Members will be issued with an access card for the Tingrith Fishery gates
  • Only members cars will be allowed in and no member may give access to any one else
  • Members may bring paying guests who must be booked in at least the day before. Guest tickets will be £12 for 2 rods for the day;. There will be no limit on how often prepaid guests are brought in so long as they are accompanied by a member and prebooked
  • Members must ensure that the gate closes behind them on entry and exit
  • The card is the property of Tingrith Lakes and made available to the member, in the event of any card being lost or become unusable a charge of £10 will be made to issue a replacement
  • Members are asked to fish during day light hours only, unless previously booked in for night fishing
  • All general fishery rules apply see appendix
  • Members will be excluded should any breach of any of these conditions should occur, with no refund of membership
  • Ten free night fishing sessions are included in the membership price
  • Member to provide one passport size photographs with application
  • Members to carry their membership card at all times. Members have the right to ask others to produce their identification, in this instance please do not be offended

Please note the management reserve the right unconditionally to ask any angler to leave the lakes. Anyone found to be intoxicated will also be asked to leave and their membership possibly revoked


Due to a number of requests and, as an experiment, I am allowing a relaxation of a few rules for Autumn and Winter. These are:

  • Keepnets (November to April)
    • Only to be used for Silver Fish  
    • Keepnets are to be dried for a minimum of 48 hours prior to being used at the lakes
    • All nets to be dipped prior to use (the dipping tank will be near the notice board)
  • Lure Fishing (November to April)

Please be aware that this is on a trial only basis and if any contamination or abuse of the rules occurs then unfortunately the keepnets and lure fishing ban will be reimposed immediately.